Current Teaching Mark Gallagher

Physics 1030/1113 (Fall 2019): Appled Physics I/Physics Essentials I

Instructor: Dr. M. Gallagher

Course Outline: 1113_outline.pdf

Lectures: to be determined.

Lab Sections: to be determined.

Online Material:

  1. D2L Course Site:
    • Lecture notes and Assignment Solutions will be posted on the D2L site.
    • Access through “myCourselink” using your university email username and password.
  2. Sapling Plus (Students are required to purchase a licence):
    1. Pre-lecture “Multimedia Learning Modules”.
      • Students asked to complete modules prior to most Mon. and Wed. Lectures.
    2. Assignments.
      • The assignments will (normally) be made accessible Wednesday at 4PM, and will be due at 4PM the following Wednesday.

Required Text: OpenStax: College Physics, by Urone and Hinrichs.

Marking Scheme

  • Midterm I (15%): TBA
  • Midterm II(15%): TBA
  • Assignments (15%)
  • Pre-Lectures (7%)
  • Labs (15%)
  • Final Examination (33%)