Current Teaching Mark Gallagher

Physics 2331- Modern Physics I (Fall 2021)

Instructor: Dr. M. Gallagher

Course Outline: 2331_outline.pdf (fall 2020)

Lectures: to be determined.

D2L Course Site: access through “myCourselink” using university email account.

Required Text: Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 5th Edition; S. T. Thornton and A. Rex.

Useful Resources:

Midterm Test (30%): TBD

Final Exam (50%): TBD

Assignments (20%):

  • Assignments posted on course site.
  • Due (normally Thursdays) by 4:30pm (hand-in at lecture or my office).
  • 20% penalty for late assignments (normally until the following Monday at noon).
  • No assignments accepted after noon on Monday.
  • Assignment solutions will be posted on course site.