Current Teaching Mark Gallagher

Physics 3611 - Computer Aquisition and Control (Winter 2021)

Course description:

This is a lab-based course. Students will learn the LabVIEW graphical programming language (G), and apply this knowledge to data acquisition and instrument control. Both IEEE 488 (GPIB), USB, and DAQ (AD/DA) interfaces are to be explored. Lab-time is for students to complete assigned exercises at the end of the chapters, and subsequent projects involving computer acquisition and control of scientific instruments. The pace of the course will be somewhat brisk until all chapters in the text up to and including Chapter 9 are covered. The intent is to cover the text material in 6 to 8 weeks leaving the remaining time for project work.

Instructor: Dr. M. Gallagher

Lab Time: Fridays 2;30-5:30 PM

Course Outline: (pdf file)

Required Textbook: Learning with LabVIEW, R. H. Bishop.

Course Site: access through "myCourselink" using your university "myEmail" username and password.

Assignments (30%): posted on course site.

Midterm Project: (30%): Project involves GPIB or USB control of instruments.

Term Project: (40%):

  1. The completion and submission of a term project and report is a requirement of the course.
  2. All projects must be approved by the instructor.
  3. Projects must include a LabView VI, and a report documenting the use of the interface and explaining the program flow.
  4. Without prior permission the projects must involve use of the NI Data Aquisition (DAQ) card.